Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.

– Shakespeare, Henry IV Part II

I wanted to write an app for FirefoxOS.

I decided to write a chess puzzle app. The parts were all out there already. Chess.js enforces legal moves, and detects check, checkmate, and draw. ChessboardJS provides the UI: the pieces, the board, the drag-n-drop. I found a large collection of puzzles at Yet Another Chess Problem Database. I contacted Dmitri Turevski at the site and confirmed that I could use the problems in my app, and he very graciously agreed. Dmitri also mentioned I should include the problem’s author with the problem, and I followed that advice.

So with all the pieces lined up, the problem was mostly a matter of wiring everything together. Here is what the app does:

What the app doesn’t do (yet):

Despite the “work in progress” state that the app is in, I submitted it to the Firefox Marketplace. I found out a few days ago that my application KingHunt was accepted. Although it says it’s just for FirefoxOS, it should work in any modern browser. But I have only tested it in FirefoxOS.

You can check out the source code at the KingHunt GitHub repository.

Buzz de Cafe 28 November 2013